Life with a Solid-State Drive-1

My techical challenges started when technical friend, Yuri,

persuaded me to buy a Kingston Solid-State Drive,
when I was buying a new printer (when mine died).

The primter is fine, but now over to the computer.

240 GB and 10x faster and a good price were
too good to miss. I had the impression that it

just slotted in the computer box, like extra memoryof old,

and away I would go.

Yuri knew more than me, but he was not readyfor this saga.
So preparation was nil, except that somehow

I deleted my ‘Old Mail’ in my AOL account *which I have had

for 25 years. I have unlimited emails in the account,

without charge or comment from AOL.

A few years ago,everybody

I knew were limited as to the emails allowed.

Though I do sort my emails, more than 10 years of

unsorted emails rest there (and had now disappeared).

I had this happen in 2013, and

AOL restored them in 24 hours.

Fortunately, AOL rose to the challenge again,

restoring the file of a few days earlier.

I was delighted to have AOL’s support,

but am thinking of

my own backup arrangements, just in case.

You may want to check your backup.

To be continued…….

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