Lightning Fast Launches – grab it now, super discount!

Lightning Fast Launches
Cindy Bidar:I’m retiring one of my most popular

There’s some overlap with
other training, so to avoid confusion
I’m pulling Lightning Fast Launches out
of the lineup – but not before we give
everyone one last chance to dig in (and
at a STEEP discount, too). 

It will be available for a few days for
$70 off,
no coupon required.

This course is all about creating
small, profitable, digital products

It’s designed for those who often
get stuck out in the weeds and who just
can’t seem to move forward. 

Here are the details:

Sale dates: Tuesday, November 23
through Sunday, November 28

Your link to the sales page:

NOTE: No coupon required. The price has
already been discounted. 

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