Lightning Fast Launches

Cindy Bidar: 2021 Business Success Blueprint

I’ve decided to run a special bundle
for the end of the year including:

Lightning Fast Launches

just one of six of my best courses
on offer, you’ll learn:

the must-have pieces for a successful
product launch, plus what you can let
go of for now, in the interest of just
getting it done already!

If you’ve struggled to create digital
products in the past, then you’ll want
to dive into this course, which

50+ minutes of in-depth video and audio
training to take you from no idea to
launch with a brand new digital
product, even if you have no idea where
to begin. 

Downloadable audio + transcripts of the
main training so you can listen on the
go and easily review the big takeaways
or add your own notes.

Printable worksheets and checklists so
you can easily navigate each step along
the way without becoming confused or

Example product development Trello
board to demonstrate how a sample
product is organized and laid out.

Done-for-you product creation board you
can copy into your own Trello account.

Simply follow along with the proven
process and you’ll never have to worry
about missing an important step along
the way.

A continual improvement cheat sheet to
help you make fast changes that
increase your conversions and profits
in real-time.
Here are all the details:
The 2021 Business Success Blueprint
through Sunday, January 3, 2021. 

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