List Building with Bundles
Cindy Bidar:

Coming up next Tuesday, April 5, I’m
launching a brand new course called
List Building with Bundles: How to
Quickly Add Hundreds of Quality
Subscribers to Your Email List.

This is a method that I’ve used (and
maybe you have, too) over the years to
grow my list, and it’s something I
continue to be asked about. 

In this course, I’m teaching online business
•    How to stand out from the crowd so
they can get invited to more and better
•    How to find and get invited to events
even if they’re brand new and don’t
have a big list yet.
•    How to get organized so participation
doesn’t become a time suck.
•    How to make the most of the new
subscribers they attract.
•    How to identify good events and avoid
the not-so-great.

Here are all the details you need:
List Building With Bundles
Sale dates: Tuesday, April 5, 2022
through Sunday, April 13

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