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Randy Smith’s Stolen Webinar 

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Just a quick note to say how much I
enjoyed your “7 Steps to Professional
Selling Webinar”, you’ve successfully
taken a topic that has too often been
over complicated and broken it down
into a series of simple steps that
anyone should be able to follow.   
It can be easy to forget that many
techniques for being a successful
salesperson have been around for years
and doing the simple things well is
going to be more lucrative than
following the latest and
greatest-selling trends that are
designed purely to dazzle people into
buying from you.    
And I particularly enjoyed your closing
where you reminded us all that people
should be at the heart of our business
and our approach to selling. 

If that’s the only thing that viewers take away
from what you shared it’ll make a
difference to the way they market
Online and that can only be a good

Kind regards,
Stefan Dyke Because I know when you’re just
starting out, you can’t afford the
high-priced complicated programs the
“gurus” are pushing on you… Well, this was ‘Stolen’ from one high
ticket program that every member
loves… But for those who can’t invest
right now, This will get you to that
point a heck of a lot quicker!Many people are making back the
purchase price on the first day…

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