Look and Sound Your Best on Zoom – 2

Gary Genard:
Can I Hear You Now? Yes, I Can.

What about microphones, AirPods, or
headsets to enhance the experience?

Some of my clients use them and some

I’ve tried an external mic, as
well as wired and wireless headphones,
and I don’t think they’re necessary for
the average Zoom meeting.

First, your laptop is designed for this
type of interaction, and the goods are
already in the package.

A laptop mic
works perfectly well in picking up the
human voice—especially since you’re
sitting so close to it.

And the
speakers should be sufficient for you
to hear everyone fine, since
conversation uses a far narrower range
of frequencies than, say, orchestral

And there’s this: one of the strengths
of Zoom calls is the intimacy they can
foster, even though the participants
may be thousands of miles apart.

Again, that’s because you’re literally very
close to the instrument (laptop) that
is transmitting you elsewhere

The more natural you can
look, the easier communication is

Besides, it’s can be
off-putting to have a conversation with
someone wearing earphones!

To be continued….

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