Low-Cost Solutions for Creating Professional-Quality Digital Courses

Cindy Bidar is back with a great bundle!


Quick & Easy Course Creation:

Low-Cost Solutions for Creating

Professional-Quality Digital Courses 
($97.00 VALUE) Just 1 of 3 for the price!

Every week I hear from customers and
clients just like you who are
interested in creating courses and who
have something of value to share but
who just can’t figure out how to
translate their knowledge into useful
course content they can be proud of.

So I took a look at many of the other
trainings out there on course creation
(including some of my own) and I
discovered a HUGE gap.

Sure, there are lots of courses about
strategy and marketing and pricing and
even idea validation, but there are
darned few that dig into the actual
how-to of getting your thoughts into an
outline and that outline onto a slide
deck and that slide deck into video

That’s exactly what Quick & Easy Course
Creation is all about. It bridges the
gap between idea and marketing, so you
can stop thinking about creating a
course, and actually get it done.I’m banishing the…
Technology overwhelm. With all the
possible ways to create a course, it’s
easy to get trapped in analysis
paralysis and never actually get
anything done. Worse, you might
mistakenly believe that you have to
invest hundreds (or even thousands) of
dollars in membership software,
teleprompters, video cameras, mixers,
and all kinds of other tools.

Course bloat. Maybe you’ve tried before
to map out a course, but got
discouraged when you couldn’t figure
out how much (or what) information to
include, and before you knew it, you
were looking at 47 modules and who
knows how much video time. Ugh.

This is
a common problem for entrepreneurs who
only want to serve their audience and
provide the best possible resources,
but the truth is, overdelivering in
this way actually confuses your buyers
as much as it overwhelms you!

Half-finisheditis. Yep, that’s a real
thing, and for many course creators,
it’s what ultimately kills the dream.

In reality, half-finisheditis is just a
symptom of course bloat and tech
overwhelm though, so if you can
overcome those (and learn a few useful
tricks prolific course creators know)
you can easily beat this one, too. I’ll
show you how.
Cindy Bidar is back with a great bundle!

The Ultimate Course Launch System is
available for a short time only, and
it’s going to help you plan, create,
and sell your courses, even if you get
frustrated by technology, don’t think
you have anything of value to share, or
hate to sell. 

This three-course bundle has absolutely
everything you need,The bundle includes

Quick & Easy Course Creation,

Tiny Course Empire, and

Sales Pages That Convert,
and I’m offering
all three courses for just $67, but
only for a few days.

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