NOTHING happens until a SALE is made!

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I remember my friend Randy Smith
sharing the story of what a salesman
once told him…

That he was the most important member
of their whole company!

Because he SOLD the most products.
Well, naturally Randy disagreed. Argued
that everyone else also mattered.

We could not do what we do – unless
each and every employee pitched in.

And yet, it did serve to remind the
rest of the team about a powerful
That NOTHING happens until a SALE is

Now there may be instances where no one
is selling STUFF.

But even when you can’t see it
There is ALWAYS A SALE being made!

A Bus Driver drives a Bus.
But someone has been SOLD on the Idea
of taking public transport, rather than
walking there.

A Librarian hands out books.

But Someone was SOLD on the idea of
reading books for knowledge or
entertainment – and on borrowing them
from a library.
An Actor just plays a part on stage or
But someone SOLD the idea of
entertainment which got crowds flocking
to the theater.

And even online, where people might think…
I just write content posts,
I just create graphics,
I just post photos,

There are still SALES being made.

Whether it’s selling the idea of
reading a post.
Or watching a video on YouTube.

Or clicking through to check out a
story.At the very least -> 
And then, somewhere along the line,
monetization comes into play.

That’s why any and every advantage we
can grab, to learn HOW TO SELL better,
is sure to help!
It’s why you should read or watch this
“7 Steps to Professional Selling”I

f you pick up just one useful tip, and
that results in a few extra clicks,
that lead to an additional sale or
You can see where I’m going with this
can’t you?It just seems silly NOT to benefit from
this ‘Stolen Webinar’.
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Here are his 7 steps to selling:

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