Now Money and Later Money.

Now Money and Later Money

Cindy Bidar: 

What I really love about this toolkit
is the way she’s organized it.

It’s divided into two parts—Now Money and
Later Money.

If you need to bring in
some cash this week (or even today)
turn to the Now Money section and pick
a task to do. 

Each idea includes estimated time for
completion and potential profit numbers
as well, so you’ll know how long to
allow for each project. 

Don’t ignore the Later Money ideas

Make it a habit to add these to
your daily schedule, you’ll have far
fewer “Crisis: the rent is due this week”
anxiety attacks and much smoother cash
flow all year long. 

The Daily Money Makers Toolkit

Release coupon: Promo code DAILY saves
until Tuesday, January 26.

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