Persuade Customers To Buy Your Backend-1

Aaron Danker: 


If you
want to make more money with your
business, one good place to start is on
your order forms. 

Think about it…You
have a prospect with a credit card
already in their hand.

They’re in a
buying mood. 

So there’s a good chance
that if you put a related offer in
front of them (the proverbial, “you
want fries with that?”), they’ll take

And that means you’ll make more
money with every customer who walks
through your door. 

So how do you create
a backend or upsell offer that gets
your prospects clicking the “Yes”
button? Like this… 

1. Make Sure the
Upsell Enhances The Main Offer 

The very
first thing you need to do is make sure
any upsell offer is tightly related to
the main offer. 

In fact, not only
should it be tightly related, ideally
your upsell should enhance the use or
enjoyment of your main offer. Take the
classic example at a fast food

I guarantee that if you
walked into McDonalds and ordered a
hamburger, any well-trained clerk would
ask if you wanted fries and/or a drink
with that. 

And a lot of people say yes
to this offer, because fries and/or a
drink enhances the enjoyment of the

Now you can do the same thing,
no matter what you’re selling. For

You’re selling a meal-planning
app. Offer a low-fat cookbook as an
order form upsell.• 

The main offer is a
copywriting course. You can offer
personal copy critiques on the backend.

•Your main product is all about setting
up and running a successful blog. 

You can offer tools on the backend, such as
a package of useful WordPress plugins
and professional themes.• 

Your main product is a

“how to get out of debt”

 course. You can offer an upsell that
includes items such as a
debt-management workbook and
personalized debt-management

You main product is a set
of kettlebell training videos.

You can
offer the kettlebells themselves as an

In other words, don’t just toss
any ol’ offer in front of your

Be sure your upsell and main
offer go together like… well, like
hamburgers and fries. 

To be continued…

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