Persuade Customers To Buy Your Backend-3

Aaron Danker:

If you
want to make more money with your
business, one good place to start is on
your order forms.

Think about it…You
have a prospect with a credit card
already in their hand. They’re in a
buying mood.

So there’s a good chance
that if you put a related offer in
front of them (the proverbial, “you
want fries with that?”), they’ll take
it. And that means you’ll make more
money with every customer who walks
through your door.
So how do you create
a backend or upsell offer that gets
your prospects clicking the “Yes”
button? Like this…

3. Use Short-Form Copy

You’ve got an
eager prospect sitting in front of your
order form with their credit card in

Now is not the time to put
another long sales letter in front of

They’re eager to buy.

Putting another wall of text in front of them
might just have them hitting the back
button and abandoning the order

You see, you’ve already done the
hard work of getting them into the
necessary emotional state needed to
make a purchase.

You’ve already built
your credibility.

You’ve already established trust.

You don’t need to do
these things again.

So what you need to
do now is simply focus on the benefits
of the upsell offer.

In fact, your
upsell may be nothing more than a
benefit-driven headline, a list of
benefits, and a call to action.

TIP: As always, test to find out for sure
what your audience responds to the best.

Test different headlines.

Test your bulleted list of benefits.

You might even test short-form copy
against a short sales video.

To be continued…

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