Persuade Customers To Buy Your Backend-9

Dear {!firstname_fix}, KEEP SAFE AND WELL!
Aaron Danker:
Here are the dos and don’ts to
Don’t make them go through a gauntlet
of upsells.

Sometimes marketers throw
three, four, five or more upsells in
front of the prospect.

They can’t get
to the order form without accepting or
declining these offers.

Or, worse yet,
they can’t get to their purchase
without seeing all these offers.

Don’t do that to your customer!

Instead, put one or at most two
well-placed offers in front of them.

But if they decline, send them straight
to the order form.

Don’t make them go
through a gauntlet of offers, which
will make them feel like carnival
workers are barking at them.

To be continued…

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