Powerful Marketing Tactics -3

Aaron Danker: 
Here’s something to think about… 
How does one marketer add
100s of subscribers to their account
every week whilst another marketer is
getting single figure signups? 

The answer is in the method. In this
special report we’ll cover methods to
help you build your list, prepare your
subscribers for what’s up ahead and get
them eager to hear from you. 

6. The “Great Deal” Technique  
Tell your potential subscribers they
will get a coupon or discount to one of
your products for subscribing.

People love getting a good deal and all they
would have to do is opt-in to your list
or e-zine. 

7. The “JV Discount” Technique  
Tell your potential subscribers they
will get a coupon or discount for
someone else’s product if they

You could set up a joint
venture deal with another information
product seller.

They would get sales
and you will build your list quicker. 

8. The “Worth It?” Technique  
Tell your potential subscribers how
much the free bonus for subscribing is

People will feel like they are
getting a great bargain for opting-in.

You could list the retail price or what
other people are selling it for. 

9. The “Virus” Technique  

Tell your potential subscribers they
will get a free e-book for subscribing.

You could also include your e-zine ad
in the e-book and allow them to give
the e-book away or offer resell or
master resell rights.

It will become a
viral marketing tool for your list. 

FAQ Ambassador Program – how do I profit from it?

Q. Please tell me what this is about?
A. In a nutshell, you get 2 sites of
your own. One promotes the webinar and
the other recruits affiliates into his
Partnership to Success Program.

You get paid up to $1182 for everyone
who joins Partnership to Success from
your link, and you split the profits
with John 50/50 on any sales your
sub-affiliates earn.

Q. Wow, that sounds amazing. Do I
receive anything else?

your list) from your very own web page.

Q. What about writing emails?

A. That’s all done for you as you also.
You get a 99-day professionally written
email autoresponder sequence that pays
you 100% commissions on all of John’s
products and 50% commissions on some of
the best selling products on ClickBank.

Q. Who hosts my websites?

A. John does, you don’t even need a
hosting package to make this work.

Q. So what do I need to do to make this

A. You need an Aweber account and a
ClickBank account. That’s it!

Q. How much work is involved?

A. You need to spend about 30 minutes
setting this up (John shows you how
step by step) and drive some traffic.
He shows you how to drive traffic as

Q. This sounds too good to be true,
what’s the catch?

A. No catch, He designed this program
to help you generate commissions for
the least amount of work possible, plus
it helps bring more people into the

This is the kind of program that you
would expect to pay thousands of
dollars for but trust me when I say

make sure you check it out right away: 
John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program:  


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