Quick & Easy Course Creation

October 21: Quick & Easy Course

Your audience will never again be
overwhelmed with all there is to do to
create an online course.

Quick & Easy Course Creation
breaks the process down
into easy-to-follow steps using free or
low-cost tools, so they can go from
idea to finished course in no time.
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•    What no one is teaching about
creating digital courses

•    Course creators! You need this

•    Get a real, behind-the-scenes look at
how prolific course creators work

Does it feel like everyone is talking
about course creation today? 

There’s a good reason for that. Online
course creation can be hugely
profitable, and new tools such as
Teachable and Zoom make it easy for
anyone to get started. 

But while loads of people are telling
you all about the benefits of launching
an online course, and they might even
be sharing their own strategies about
branding and positioning and marketing,
what few people are offering is the
actual nuts and bolts of getting it

How do you turn your idea into a slide
deck for video? 

How can you record video when you’re a
self-professed technophobe? 

What do you need to be sure to include
(and how do you avoid course bloat and

What about actually getting your course
on a platform? 

All of those questions—and many
more—can stop you in your tracks. Even
though you’ve got knowledge to share.

Even though you’ve got people asking
for your help. Even though you’ve had
“create an online course” on your to-do
list for months (or maybe years). 
If you can’t see the steps, it’s hard
as heck to get started. 

Cindy Bidar saw the big gap in online
course training and stepped in to fill
the need. I want to invite you to check
out her newest training,

Quick & Easy
Course Creation: Low Cost Solutions for
Creating Professional-Quality Digital Courses. 

In it, she’s literally demonstrating
every single step she takes to plan,
research, outline, write, design, and
record every single one of her courses.

And if you know Cindy, then you know
this is a tried-and-true method. She
creates a new course for her members
every single month, so she’s got the
systems down, and she’s laying them all
out for you to use. 

Get Quick & Easy Course Creation here
and use promo code __ DAILY50  to
save  50% at checkout.

If you’ve wanted to create a digital
course but didn’t know how to get
started, or even if you’ve been
creating courses for years and are just
looking for some new ways to be more
efficient and to create more useful
resources for your community, you owe
it to yourself to check this one out. 
It’s a must-have for any course
Get it here and use promo code DAILY50
at checkout.


But hurry! This
offer expires soon!

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