Recurring, predictable income? Yes, please!

from Cindy Bidar:
Does every new month feel like starting
from scratch? 

Once again, you have to figure out your
marketing, and how you’re going to make
enough money to meet your budget. 

It might feel like that’s just the
nature of being in business.

Everyone faces the same thing, right?

What if instead you had a predictable
income base you could count on?

What if
you knew that no matter what else
happened during the month, you’d still
earn four or even five figures, without
doing any marketing or sending a single

That’s what having a membership site
can mean for your business. 

Of course, membership sites are big,
hairy monsters to build and manage, and
(to hear some people tell it) they’re
just not worth all the trouble. 

Cindy Bidar tells a different story. 

Read it all here:
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