Rules of Effective Public Speaking -2

Gary Genard
Great speakers don’t just speak—they

To be effective in your speeches and
presentations, then, accept this strong
relationship between performance and

The more you can connect
with audiences rather than remaining in
the comfort zone of your content, the
more successful you’ll be.

Here are my Six Rules of Effective
Public Speaking that embody my
philosophy that
great speaking means great performing:

Rule #2: Focus on Relationships.

If the audience is the center of your
universe, you’re
already pointed in the right direction
concerning what you’re there to do:

establish a relationship and maintain it
throughout your talk.

If your content could live on its
own, it would—there would be no need
for anyone to gather to hear you, and
you could make your information an email

three relationships exist
within the presentation dynamic:

your relationship to your audience;
your relationship to the content;
and the audience’s
relationship to the content

In the
first, you
engage, interest and activate your
in the second, you interpret
your content
for those listeners;
and in the third,
the audience relates to your content
you’ve pointed out why it matters to them.

What’s the outcome of this method
of proceeding as a speaker?


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