Rules of Effective Public Speaking -4

Gary Genard

Great speakers don’t just speak—they

Rule #4: Use Your Body.

Your body is a
natural tool of communication—and a
powerful one at that.

After all,
there’s a reason you’re not a brain in
a bell jar communicating telepathically.

Audiences need you to
give physical expression to the things
you’re saying. So, some suggestions:

Always stand rather than sit if you
have a choice (and so avoid eliminating
50% of your communication instrument).

If you’re using a lectern, come out
from behind it from time to time.

Make your gestures spare, few in number, and
strong enough to emphasize the point
you’re making.

And by all means use
space effectively, taking a different
position for each main point, for
instance, and reducing the distance
between you and your audience wherever

To be continued…

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