sales genius from Yorkshire!

Stolen Webinar (I’ve got mine!)
‘Give me 45 Minutes of your time and

I Will Teach You the Same 7 Steps To
Professional Selling’
Steven Alvey: Top IM Marketer

2016… When I was still active duty,
I’ll never forget it…

I reached out to Randy randomly via
email (we had never spoken) by replying
to one of his marketing emails…

I asked him for some advice on a
business idea.

To my surprise, his reply was “got time
for a call?”

We were both military vets so we spent
some time shooting the breeze and
trading war stories for a while and
Randy ended up on the phone with me
giving me priceless advice on my future
business for about one hour.

For free!

Since then I had several more
consulting calls with this
sales genius from Yorkshire
(paid this time) and
each one had been absolutely gold for
our business and contributed to the
stellar success of my first two product

Anyway… Today
he’s spilling all his beans about
how to sell and make money online.  If
I were you… I would snatch this up

Robin: Randy is just as helpful to non-vets, as I can confirm!
Here are his 7 steps to selling:

The price is a ‘dime sale’ andrises after every sale.
Run to it now for the best price!

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