sales have increased nearly tenfold!

Tiny Course Empire: How to Earn Big
Profits with Low-Cost Digital Products
Cindy Bidar:
My monthly sales have increased nearly
tenfold, while my workload has actually
Why? Two reasons:
As I continue to refine my systems, my
workflow becomes more efficient. In
other words, I get more done in less
time, and my profits increase.
More importantly though, my
ever-growing collection of tiny courses
has turned into a vast catalog of
offers that I can leverage nearly
endlessly. That means…
I can take advantage of opportunities
to collaborate with others and grow my
mailing list.

I never have to wonder if I’m going to
meet my sales goals for the week or the

I can quickly build new offers or
funnels without having to create new

I have thousands of pages of content I
can repurpose into signature speeches,
books, webinars, and a host of other
brand- and business-building tools.
When I was just starting out online, so
many opportunities like this passed me
by because I didn’t have the ready
resources to take advantage.

Now it takes only minutes to create new
funnels, participate in a list-building
event, or whip up a quick special
It all started with a tiny course, and
it’s this exact strategy that I’m
teaching you inside Tiny Course Empire.
It’s on sale for 60% off starting on,
January 11, and here are all the
details you need:==========
Your link to the sales page:

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