Set up a Great Home Office! -5

Elyse Hauser

Choose Your Desk and Chair

Now, you have a place to put your


It may only be a few feet wide,

but all you need is enough space for

yourself and your most essential work


Next, find (or create) a desk that will

fit that space.

Use a tape measure to

see what you have to work with.


consider what kind of desk will work


Most people don’t need a full,

traditional desk. You can put up

shelves or buy standalone organizers to

take the place of desk drawers. So, in

addition to shopping for desks,

consider ordinary tables.

Thrift stores

often have old desks and tables in many

different sizes at great prices.

You can also put up a shelf to serve as

your desk instead.

A sturdy shelf

that’s wide enough for your work

essentials will do the trick.

This is

an excellent way to get the most out of

a very small or oddly shaped office

space, and the supplies are usually

cheap. You can even put your shelf desk

high enough to use as a standing desk,

then use a tall chair to give yourself

the option of sitting.

The chair you use is up to you—just

make sure it’s comfortable enough for

every day. You can also help a small

home feel less cluttered by carefully

choosing your desk and chair design.

Styles with thin legs and clean lines,

or even clear acrylic that blends in

with the background, don’t add much

visual noise to a room. 

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