Six Rules of Effective Public Speaking – 3

Gary Genard
Great speakers don’t just speak—

they perform.

Rule #3: Give Your Purpose Most of Your

Too many speakers confuse
topic and purpose.

For instance, I’ll ask a client,
“What’s your purpose with
this presentation?”

And the response will be,

“Well, I’m going to talk about–”
“No,” I say,
“that’s your topic . . . what’s your

And then it becomes clear
what I mean.

Yes, your information is what you’re
there to talk about.

But it definitely
isn’t what
you’re there to make happen.

hope to be better for the experience of
listening to you—and that’s exactly
what you must try to make happen.

Being clear on your purpose will help
you gather exactly the
right information to make it so.

To be continued…

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