Six Rules of Effective Public Speaking-6

Gary Genard
Great speakers don’t just speak—they

Rule #6: Get Good at Q & A—Really Good.

I call Q & A “the forgotten avenue of
audience persuasion,” for a very good

Virtually anyone can give a
reasonable presentation if they prepare
and practice enough.

During the
presentation itself, that is, all
should go well.

But what happens when
the presentation ends and the
questions, challenges, and push back

We all understand that a
presenter can’t know what’s coming his
or her way once Q & A begins.

The speaker who can handle the situation
with style, expertise, a level head,
patience, and a bit of self-deprecating
humor, is the person who will embody
rock-solid credibility and authority on
the topic.

So learn to think on your
feet. Improv classes, impromptu topics,
and “murder panels” are all excellent
ways to become calm and convincing in
the whirlwind of Q & A.

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