Small = big profits

Cindy Bidar:
There’s a myth out there that if you
want to be successful selling online
courses, you have to go big.

We’ve all seen the fanfare and
excitement that goes along with
launching a $2,000 course. It’s all
very polished and sexy, so it must be
profitable, right?

After all, big course + big launch =
big profits.

The sad truth is, for every course
launch success, there are dozens—maybe
even hundreds—of course creators who
don’t earn five figures in a weekend,
and many, many more who don’t even
recoup the cost of their launch.Imagine that.

You put weeks or months or even years
into creating a course that’s going to
change the world, and you don’t even
sell enough to cover your production

That’s the reality in today’s
competitive online course world. If
you’re not a brand name, it’s tough to
get the kind of results some coaches

But what if I told you that you can
throw away…
•    The exhausting webinar circuit.
•    The costly video launch formula.
•    The unbelievably expensive ad
•    The “cart open” frenzy.

All without sacrificing your profit

And what’s more, what if I told you
that your customers will thank you for it?

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