Story behind the Stolen Webinar

John Thornhill: the story behind the
Stolen Webinar
‘Give me 45 Minutes of your time and

I Will Teach You the Same 7 Steps To
Professional Selling’

If you want to make money either online
or offline by working on the internet,
there is one thing you HAVE to do!

You have To SELL!
A nasty word to so many people – but
let’s get real.
Nothing happens till somebody sells

Whether you’re into
affiliate marketing, creating products,
or even just getting ad clicks on your

You still need to ‘sell’ your visitors
on the idea of following your call to

So isn’t it time you discovered what
professional salespeople the world over
learn?The all-important Steps To making
Selling SIMPLE?

Well, thanks to this ‘Stolen Webinar
you can.
After a presentation Randy Smith did on
the 7 SIMPLE Steps to selling for my
high-ticket coaching students it was
decided to release it at a crazy price
to benefit the whole community.

So check out this link and grab your
copy today!

If you pick up just ONE useful tip,
You’re sure to be very glad of the
45-minute investment you made in
Listening or Reading the Transcript

And yes – it’s all broken down in
SIMPLE terms for all of us who hate

Here are his 7 steps to selling:

The price is a ‘dime sale’ and
rises after every sale.
Run to it now for the best price!

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