Randy Smith’s Stolen Webinar

The Stolen Webinar… Did you check it?
Randy is guru John Thornhill’s sales expert.

If you’ve not checked the page yet, I
highly recommend you do now.
You’ll get the step-by-step blueprint
and guidance to know how to sell
Whether you watch the recorded webinar
or study the PDF transcript at your
Once you go through these 7 steps,
you’ll have a better understanding and
hence, achieve better results in all
you do moving forward.
Don’t miss this one.
Grab it now:












(1 million downloaded in more than 120 countries) 

2022 edition just published


Welcome to the EU Tacis IFRS Workbooks
fifteenth (2022) edition!   

The first edition was in 2003. 

To the books, we have added articles:

Deferred Tax: The Only Way to Learn It
is an essential article for
practitioners, lecturers, trainers and
students. ‘IFRS- grabbing the tiger by
the tail’
 covers IFRS teaching issues
for each standard and a number of
opinions and discussion points. 

Comments via LinkedIn have voiced
tremendous appreciation for both

This FREE set of books provides a book for
every standard, plus three books on
consolidation. Financial instrument
bookkeeping is covered in IFRS 9. 

IFRS 7 is complemented by FINREP, which
illustrates practical use and
presentation formats. 

A thematic introduction to IFRS completes the
set. Each workbook is a combination of
Information, Examples, Self-Test
Questions and Answers. 

Thanks are due to those who made these
publications possible and to you, our
readers in so many countries, for your
continued support. p.s. 

Personal IFRS training, including
Practical Consolidation:
Please contact me at:

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