Successful Business Owners Have a Backup Plan

Foolproof Financial Recovery: 
A 6-Step Plan for Cash-Strapped Small Businesses

Cindy Bidar:

Successful Business Owners Have a Backup Plan

First, know this: There is no shame in
coming up a little short. It’s part of
doing business.

Ask anyone from your
local landscaper to Jeff Bezos, and
they’ll tell you about a time (or
several) when their cash flow felt more
like a trickle, and they worried if
they would still be in business next
Here’s what smart business owners do

They make a plan. They take
action to identify the weaknesses in
their financial future, and get serious
about making a fix.

They know how to
bring in extra cash when it’s needed,
and they work the plan.

Then they make sure it never happens
That’s what

Foolproof Financial Recovery

is all about.

It’s about getting you out of anxiety
and panic so
you can feel relief in knowing that
you’ll get through this—and not just
right now, but next time, too.
Because there’s almost always a next

That’s just the cost of doing business.

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