Super WEBSITE day!

The uptake of the free websites has
been amazing!
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If you are a new reader, a collection
of earlier posts is attached
so that you can catch up.
The details of the free website are at:
Domain name and hosting
You need to buy a domain name for your
new site (www…..)
so that people can find it.
Your name plus .com is the
Gold standard.
If this has gone, then find an
easy-to-remember alternative.
I was too late to buy .com sites that I
wanted, so bought .site
(which were cheaper, but not my first choice).
You can check
availability on D9’s site.
You also need hosting, where your site
lives. This can be changed.
I had to change mine (earlier note on
my blog) which was traumatic
doing it without technical knowledge.
I use and recommend D9 for both domain
name and hosting:
D9 works with John Thornhill and
provides all site elements for his
Talking about John T, the UK IM
millionaire and top product creator,
here is 7 Key Elements, a book  which
explains how to run your IM business
highly profitably and drive it forward.
Co-author, Randy Smith is a top IM
marketer in his own right and provides
his valuable insights.
Read the sales page here:
I have organized a 50% discount until

When you click the buy button at the
bottom of the page,
at  ‘Step #2 Payment Options’ type
and press ‘APPLY
Your price will be halved when you do
Omar Martin – Buzzinar
It is an autopilot viral traffic
getting software and list building
Until Sunday, this is 50% discounted:
There is 4 hours of video, software,
ebook and advice to motivate you to
accelerate your business.
I have shared more than one million
books, I would like to share one
million sites!

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