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October 16: The Tripwire Toolkit
Imagine building a highly responsive
email list filled with customers. Even
better, what if you could get paid to
build your list right from the start?
That’s what a well-planned tripwire
offer will do for your subscribers, and
The Tripwire Toolkit will help them get
Your Link:

•    Get paid to build your mailing list
•    Here’s how to pay for your mailing
•    Build a list of buyers instead of
freebie seekers
Since the minute I found out you could
actually build a business online, I’ve
heard the advice to start building an
email list. You probably have, too. 
It always came with a cost though.
There’s the price you pay for an email
platform, the time and energy you spend
creating freebies and landing pages,
and don’t forget any actual money you
spend on paid ads. 
If you don’t have a plan for that list,
it can turn into a liability instead of
an asset. Believe me, I paid for
list-building for years without ever
turning it into a profitable branch of
my business. 
What if every subscriber actually paid
you though? What if your email list
went from liability to asset instantly,
without that whole nurture step in
What’s more, what if you were able to
build instant trust with new
subscribers by showing off your
expertise in a way they’ll value far
more than just another freebie left
sitting on their hard drive? 
That’s what tripwire marketing is all
Now, I’ll be the first to admit that it
has a rather unpleasant name. Setting
that aside though, tripwires are simply
a clever strategy to encourage new
subscribers to get to know you and your
products better by making a small,
risk-free purchase. 
Of course, there’s a bit more to it
than that. You have to have the right
offer in place, at the right price, and
it helps to instill a true sense of
urgency to encourage fast action. 
I’m covering all that and more inside
my brand new checklist pack, The
Tripwire Toolkit, 

Here’s what you’ll get when you order
•    The Tripwire User Flow Cheat Sheet:
If you’re feeling confused and
overwhelmed about how all the pieces of
a tripwire fit together, you are not
alone. The User Flow Cheat Sheet will
clarify the set up and help you map out
your own irresistible offers.
•    The Tools to Use Comparison Guide:
Not sure which tools you really need,
and which ones you can live without?
This comparison guide will clarify all
the options and help you choose the
right ones for you and your
business—plus you’ll avoid spending
money on fancy software solutions you
don’t need.
•    The Tripwire Ideas Checklist: Feeling
less-than-creative? Browse through this
list of 12 easy tripwires you can
create in just a couple of hours (and
there are at least 3 you probably
already have on hand!)
•    The Tripwire Offer Worksheet: Spend a
few minutes with this worksheet and get
crystal clear on how you can easily
incorporate tripwires into your
marketing plan.
•    The Tripwire Pricing Worksheet:
There’s more to pricing your tripwire
than just choosing the lowest number.
This worksheet walks you through all
the options, and will help ensure you
don’t accidentally drive customers
away, or worse—create false
•    The Splinter Offer Worksheet: Use
this step-by-step plan to turn your
paid product into free content that
drives traffic, an opt-in offer to grow
your list, and an irresistible tripwire
that turns freebie seekers into buyers
who are primed to purchase your
higher-priced courses and workshops.
•    The Trial Offer Checklist: Member
site owners and software sellers, trial
offers make the perfect tripwire. This
checklist covers all the must-do steps
to create a trial offer your audience
will love.
•    The Self-Liquidating Ads Checklist:
If paid ads have a place in your
marketing plan, then this checklist is
a must have. It will help you create a
tripwire that pays for your ad spend
day after day and month after month.
•    The Self-Liquidating Ads Calculator:
Use this handy spreadsheet to monitor
your ads versus income and to ensure
you’re always in the black.
•    The Urgency Creation Checklist:
There’s no denying it—urgency sells.
Use this checklist to determine how and
where you can use urgency in your
tripwires to encourage action.
•    The Countdown Timer Checklist: Create
a real sense of urgency with a
well-placed countdown timer. This
checklist makes it easy by ensuring you
never miss any of the critical pieces.
•    The Tripwire Set Up Checklist:
Missing a step in the set up can lead
to lost sales or worse! Follow this
checklist to ensure smooth user flow,
fewer customer service tickets, and
plenty of profits, too.
•    The After the Tripwire Follow Up
Plan: What happens after a customer
buys your irresistible offer is even
more important than the offer itself.
Use this planner to craft a follow up
sequence that encourages your new
customer to invest in your core offer.
•    The Funnel Follow-up Checklist: Not
everyone will take you up on your
tripwire offer, no matter how
irresistible it is. The Funnel
Follow-Up Checklist shows you how to
re-capture lost sales, thanks to
in-funnel offers that convert.
If you’re building a mailing list (and
I know you are) then you need to put
this strategy in place. It will make
all the difference in the engagement
levels of your community, not to
mention your bottom line. 

See all the details here, 
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