Uncovering Hidden Cash in the Bundle!


Cindy Bidar:
is all about
finding those spots you can easily
polish up with just a little tweak or

It’s not about spending weeks
creating a new course or redesigning
your membership site or mapping out a
year-long marketing plan.

Instead, we’re going to focus on a few
cash-creating action items covering
every aspect of your business. I’ve
left no stone unturned in this
comprehensive checklist and template
collection, including…

The Blog Post Cash Checklist with 13
ideas for boosting your blog profits. 

The Facebook Cash Checklist featuring
13 ways to put the marketing back in
your social media plans.

The Free Offer Cash Checklist where
you’ll find 13 ideas for profiting from

The Help Desk Cash Checklist with 7
ways to serve your customers and make
money, too. 

The Email Cash Checklist with 8 ideas
for earning more from every email you

The Paid Product Cash Checklist
includes clever tips for making offers
inside your paid products. 

The Sales Page Cash Checklist features
18 ways smart marketers take their
sales pages from so-so to spectacular.

The Shopping Cart Cash Checklist helps
you earn more from every sale with a
14-point checklist.

The Website Cash Checklist helps you
polish up your most important pages. 

The Affiliate Marketing Cash Checklist
gives you 8 ideas to serve better,
improve efficiency, and earn more.

The Multiple Income Streams Checklist
offers tips to generate alternate cash
flows and keep your budget out of the
danger zone.

The Cash Blockers Checklist is a list
of 8 common cash-blocking errors (and
their easy solutions).
Check it out here:


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