Upgrading your computer

In this note, I am going to concentrate
on what happened when I upgraded my
computer last week.

I do NOT have the technical knowledge
to advise you whether or not to upgrade,
nor what would be the best product

I was having problems switching on my
Windows 7, Microsoft Office XP desktop.

It had served me well over the years,
but Timur (my technical expert) told me it
was time to upgrade.He decided what to buy.

After the first time the old machine
failed to switch on,
I backed up all my text files onto a 
one tetrabyte flash disk. 

I should have done this daily/weekly,
but it had been 18 months(!) since I had
last done so.

I made a list of my key sites, but I
had many of the sites, including my own
websites, set to automatic login.

These logins were lost during 
the transfer: a minor inconvenience.

I put some key files onto my email and
sent them to myself, to

have them on another system.

I have always used this for key work
documents, such as tenders.

Even the biggest firms have systems that

can crash and lose your work.

I remembered to copy all of those on my
screen, into a separate file. However, I put
some key files in a folder marked ‘Robin’. 

This was a system file and it did not
copy over, so they are lost,

unless I can reopen my old computer.

The new computer box did not connect
with my old screen(which has been working perfectly).

Back to the shop, to buy a new screen.

Using the macro flash disk,I downloaded my text files.

I have used newer versions of Windows
at university. I find them overfull of
programs I do not want and screens

cluttered, rather than clear.

I would love to remove
the surplus ones,

but I do not want to risk damage.

Honestly, I have yet to find anything
that works better on this machine. Maybe
this reflects the basic repetition of my
computer use.

I do not play computer games, so those
elements just slow my computer down for no

Most of my files have Word, Excel and
pdf files. I want to see them all together.

Using the Word choice in new Windows
does not display the Excel and pdf files. 

The key button I need and use is the
‘My Computer’ option to find my files. I
had to create a new one on the task bar at
the bottom.

Some of my programs have disappeared,
so I need to chase up Winzip (and a few
others) to install on my new machine.

It has been a steady four days of 

building the new site. Apologies for any disruption. 

When organising backups, remember your 
desktop items, favourite websites 
and passwords, and back up offline 

If you need native-English
, or Russian translations,
please let me know at

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