Want to get in front of 335+ MILLION people per month? – 4

Christine Parma:
Did you know that, on average, people
are buying and spending more money on
Pinterest than any other platform? 
Almost twice as much as Facebook. 

I have personally spent over $ 10K on
ads on both platforms, and can say that
the Facebook ads (managed by a $ 5K /
month FB ads expert) have been far MORE
expensive and far LESS effective in
attracting people who sign up for a
freebie or actually buy something from
me later. 

#3 – Time Sensitive
In my personal experience, Facebook has
produced a better ROI in time-sensitive

If you need to drive
traffic fast and are willing to pay for
it, then this might be your jam.

Pinterest works better for longer
running campaigns (think 14+ days) for
email list building, promoting
evergreen products or services, and
driving traffic to your blog (where you
can bring them into your funnel). 

to be continued

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