What’s better than plr?

DFY Affiliate Landing Pages Pack One – Unrestricted PLR!

Randy Smith:


Like ourselves, you have probably purchased

PLR products in the past and these can be a

great tool in helping to build your Online


However, PLR rights mean many different things

to different product creators.

Some will allow you to sell the product on

Auction Sites whilst others will not.

Or it may be that with one product you can

also pass on PLR rights and yet another will

not let you even pass on resale rights.

It is entirely what the creator decides

to put in the Licence and there are no s

et rules.

I have even purchased ‘ PLR where I cannot

even edit the product. (This is because the

creator has stuffed it with his own affiliate

links and wants me to promote it and to keep

any commissions to their self.) Needless to

say I didn’t use that one

It’s time to get ready for Totally

Unrestricted PLR.


At last a product that as no restrictions on

how you use it

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