Where the money is on Facebook (and how to get it)

Fan Page Money Method


Michael  Cheney

This all happened about a year

or so ago.

A friend of mine called me out

of the blue and he was irate.

(We’re talking anger of gasket

blowing proportions here).

He was super frustrated, jealous

and angry at the people making

easy money from Facebook because

he thought he’d tried everything

and couldn’t crack the code.

“It’s a conspiracy”, he said

as he hung up the phone.

Oh boy.

Well shortly after I spoke to

him he disappeared into his

“Facebook learning cave” for

18 months and has now re-emerged

with something quite incredible.

He’s used everything he’d learned

and conducted a weird “facebook money”

experiment and it made $175,120!

Pretty cool.

So it’s fair to say this guy

knows where the money is on

Facebook and HOW to get it

and now he’s showing you here;


You should get this now.


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