Why email marketing, {!firstname_fix} ?

David Perdew:

We’re always looking for something
better, something that will help us
convert more prospects into customers
and build better relationships.

That’s why we all pay so much attention
all the new techniques and tools that
come out.

But if you’re not exhausting the old
school methods first, you’re wasting
your time.

And some people think email
marketing is about as old school as it

And they’d be right because it still
generates the best ROI and it has for
many years now.

Still doubt the effectiveness and
importance of email marketing in YOUR

Check out these stats:

√ 35% of email recipients open email
based on the subject line alone

-Convince & Convert
√ Emails that include the first name of
the recipient in their subject line had
a higher clickthrough rate than those
that don’t. -HubSpot

√ Email use worldwide will top 3
billion users by 2020 -The Radicati

√ 11:00 am ET has the highest
clickthrough rate for email sends –

To be continued…

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