Why should a complete newbie chose internet marketing? Part 4 – SOS

So, I am in Moscow in the depths of winter, snow on the ground, boots and hat and a steady workload of lecturing. However, I do not have a website, no technical knowledge, have no product, no Facebook account, no Twitter account and no You tube account. SOS (shiny object syndrome) is claiming me as the free and paid software starts to fill my storage and JV Zoo’s download page.

I have nobody to advise me, either on the internet marketing or the technical side. Two likely candidates on the technical side expressed interest, then nothing. I wish people would say no, rather than waste my time and expectations.

I am staying the course as this is the best opportunity for a second income. Best firstly as I can combine it with my primary source of income: lecturing. Secondly, it will cost me money, of course, but I should be able to invest less than (for example) renting a shop and buying the inventory.

My geographical position in Russia is not a handicap, except when webinars are run at 03.00 in the morning and I have to leave for work at 07.00. Fortunately, most are repeated.

I understand the marketing theory, having studied it at university. I am building up a theoretical knowledge of what needs to be done from the large amounts of material I read, though I have no chance

of reading it all. People in this business are very generous and seem to be genuinely friendly and extremely helpful. The disadvantage of increasing my technical knowledge is that I am sensitive to buying the latest SOS to avoid losing the discount and super bonuses. I did not buy any CPA products as I only had a vague idea what CPA was. Most appear excellent value for money and often the bonuses

were staggeringly good and generous.

Generally, I paid for the first product up to $20 and bought a few up-sells, keeping my costs to a level I could cover from my income. However, this was a mismatch with my strategy. I did not have a website to put them on, nor were all of them related to affiliate status.

Belatedly, I found ‘reviews’ on Google that helped me avoid some purchases that would have wasted money and taken me to dead-end areas of the business. The reviews are not always reliable at the time of a launch, as many of the affiliates provide reviews and discounts and copy the vendor’s promotion.

This had lead me to postpone SOS purchases on the basis that there will be a better balance of reviews,

although I will need to pay a few dollars more for it if I need it.

I have read a number of negative reviews which saved me buying products. My thanks to those testers.



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