Why should a complete newbie chose internet marketing? Part 5 – Programs

My goal was affiliate marketing. Why have the cost, in time and money, of producing your own products when there are thousands of excellent products out there to sell for a 50% commission?

However, the financial logic was not yet believable. If I was selling $20 products for 50% commission, this was going to be a long year before it earned more than a hobby.

In addition, I would have to pay for traffic, $0.50 per address if I could not generate my own list. I did not have an internet marketing list of probable clients, so this needed some new thinking.

Choosing a niche was reasonably easy. Going for the top sellers would find more products and more clients. The top three are normally quoted as (1) making money online (2) health improvements (3) relationships. I had little, or nothing to offer health, nor relationships. Also, if I was to solve their problems, I would lose them as clients and need to find more. Making money online was something I believe that I can learn and teach without years at medical school or as an agony aunt.

Clarity came from Anik Singal, Dean Holland and Devon Brown at different times: I needed a sales funnel. I needed a range of products to sell to my clients, building up to monthly recurring income (like training courses) and high-ticket items. If I had more than one funnel, I could send my traffic to more than one funnel and make more economical use of my traffic and make clients happier.


If creation of products was beyond my current horizon, then creating a  sales funnel would be a life’s work. I needed to be on a program where the sales funnel was ‘done for you’. Anik Singal is an expert presenter and extremely persuasive. I signed up to his ‘done for you’ sales funnel and looked around

for a source of traffic to feed it. Some extra work at university meant that I lost track of what was happening with Anik. The answer, for one and a half months, was that absolutely nothing was happening, no introduction, no course materials etc, so I asked for a refund. To his credit, my request was quickly, effectively handled in a friendly manner and I received a full refund in a few days.

Dean Holland offers the highest-standard ‘done for you’ sales funnel and I decided that this offered my best chance of making serious money online and so I signed up and prepared to find or buy traffic to feed it.



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