Why should a complete newbie chose internet marketing? Part 7 Own products?

At this stage, I had signed up to Dean Holland’s and Devon Brown’s programs for ‘done for you’ sales funnels. Now to see how I can find some sources of reliable, economical traffic.

I reflected that I had spent some money on programs and software that I would never need, at least once buying the same product twice, now it would all be done for me. I had learned a lot on the way about the business, though not much on the technical side.

Having created a library of accounting books and updated it every year, I was in no mood to consider creating my own products, based on the time it had taken to create my books. I was ready for ‘done for you’ sales funnels, affiliate marketing and a second income as soon as I could local some effective traffic for a reasonable price.

All of it had been extremely pleasant. Most of the people I had encountered had been friendly, generous and helpful. It is a real sharing business with extreme confidence that money can be made by doing so, even if it is not going to be realised today. There is a general atmosphere that we are all collaborators rather than competitors and that there is enough business for us all to make the money we seek.

It is clear that the top 1% control most of the business. They have invested their time and money in moving forward, often after years of frustration, when competitors have left. They have teams of technical and marketing people and have the money to but in skills. Most of the 99% are operating on their own and have not generated enough funds to finance a level of operation that will generate a serious income.

Access to the expertise of the 1% is critical. Buying their (often excellent) products is no substitute for comprehensive training. Knowing how to design a world-beating landing page is great, but on its own is not a complete money-earning business. In my own field of accounting, there is a complete system to be learned before qualification and the opportunity to work in any type of business.

Being based in Russia took me at least five years to understand Russian every day life and how the systems worked, even with a Russian family and colleagues to help me.

Clearly, I had chosen the right path to have ‘done for me’ sales funnels.

Then, I suddenly became convinced to move out of my comfort zone to create my own products.

John Thornhill had arrived.


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