Wifi problems? check these:


(We are celebrating Russia Day today!)

Working from home, and locked down,

my wifi is critical to my income.

1. Check the strength of your neighbors’


The strength of mine is on a scale of 1-5.

5 is the best and I can see it in the bottom

right of my screen.

I can see (but not access) my neighbors’

strengths in the same place. (You may 

have to ask them.)

Here, we all have the same provider, so

the strength should be the same. If yours

is weaker than your neighbors’,

call your provider.

2. Router

This is the box that connects your wifi

with your provider. They grow old and

I change mine every 2-3 years.

No router- no wifi!

Before, I had problems with one that

was 5 years’ old. I did not know what

a router was, until my provider arrived.

My latest cost $25.

3. Multiple antiviruses

On Tuesday, my wifi crashed immediately

after I finished running an online lecture.

It was down for 2 hours, then miraculously 

recovered. I had called my provider, and

Yuri came next day and checked the system.

I had 3 antivirus programs!

Some time ago,

I had tried to download FlashPlayer,

failed to do so, but it had downloaded a

free antivirus. 

Later, I had probably tried again,

failed again, and downloaded another

free antivirus. 

So, did 3 antivirus programs make

my computer safer?

No, as 2 +3

were blocked by the first one.

So, no benefit.

The problem was that 2 + 3 were

taking 2 GB of wifi signal, making 

my wifi slower.

Yuri said that this was the

cause of my wifi crash.

2 + 3 are now gone.

I hope that all is well.

I have a backup computer that

my dear wife, Lady Lena, uses,

plus a laptop for my travel.

However, when my wifi crashes,

all 3 lose their internet connection.

In general, our signal is fine, though

Skype calls occasionally have problems.

We are paying for our wifi, so please

ensure that you are receiving the

best possible signal.

If you are not, it is time to see 

your provider.

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