Your Own Video Production Agency – 3 Simple Steps!

ADIMATES Video Templates 

Local businesses WILL pay for custom
videos and they take just minutes to
set up thanks to Ben Crain’s ‘Adimates’
templates. Here’s your simple step by
step plan … 

Step 1. Take 30 seconds and scroll
halfway down to the “video wall” that
shows the 12 templates you get.
Watch just a couple of those to get an
idea of how easy it would be to crank
these out for businesses and charge
them a premium video-production price.

Step 2. Search businesses in Google,
maybe start with local plumbers and
grab their basic info and their logo
and create a video for them in just a
few minutes. 

Then send it to them and
tell them if they want it they can have
it for a small fee, I recommend
charging $ 50 – $ 100

Step 3.Watch as you get responses and
bank the fees.
That’s it, this is so simple to do and
the amount of businesses you can
contact is unlimited. Even if just 5%
took you up on your offer you’d be
banking some serious coin per day. 

Remember that there are 12 business
niches to capitalize on and it’s so
easy to do. Follow the link below and

check out Ben’s
example templates, these are the best
ad templates we’ve ever seen and I
guarantee you will be blown away. Just
don’t forget to follow the simple steps
above to make this work for you.

 Grab your copy of ADIMATES 

Then get ready to Generate more sales!

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